Alaa Minawi

Alaa Minawi (1982) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has worked as a performer, lighting designer and scenographer on more than 300 performances. Minawi was a member of The Lighting Designers Association (London) between 2015 and 2018.  In 2010 he started experimenting with light sources in an attempt to understand their influence. These experimentations lead him to create his own installations, utilizing his technical and design skills. Minawi is known for A Piano in My Pillow (2012), a collaboration with Vladimir Kurumilian, Beyond Myself (2013), My Light is Your Light (2014) registered in UNESCO Year of Light 2015, The Bride (2016) and Hand in Hand (2018). He was nominated for the Best Light Art Award by d’arc awards, London in 2016.

In 2016, Minawi made a shift towards a seam of artistic research around belonging. This research lead to a series of performative installations under the name 2048. The first part of 2048 was presented by HKU University, the second at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, and this, the third, with Dancing on the Edge.

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