Khalid Benghrib

Khalid Benghrib, a choreographer and teacher, was born in Casablanca and studied dance in La Rochelle. Together with Loren Palmer he founded Cie 2k_far, a prominent contemporary dance company based in Morocco, which presents works internationally. Benghrib has collaborated with Karin Weiner, Didier Deschamps, Carolyn Carlson, Ariella Vidach & Claudio Pratti, Heddy Maalem and his mentor Philippe Genty amongst others. Benghrib has previously collaborated with DOTE on several participation projects and also performed in the festival.
Khalid Benghrib was exposed to the heart of the sufi universe of the Gnawa and Hmadcha traditions from an early age through both of his grandmothers, who were guiding figures of the lilas; ritual nights of invocation and trance. Using the tools of contemporary dance and the color structure which shapes the lilas, he has recently opened a vast site of exploration into his Gnawa and Hmadcha heritage. L’Haal(violet, 2019) is the first of the series, followed by Q-a (polychrome, 2020).

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