Bringing Back to Life

Soula Notos

  • DOTE-Mezrab Night

Folk & Fae DOTE-Mezrab Night Special

For Bringing Back to Life, host and co-curator Soula Notos invites a number of storytellers to bring a famous folk tale or myth back to life. To re-write them by borrowing a character or an event from another tale or reality as an attempt to shift the dominant narrative and subvert it, inserting other desires and urgencies. The storytellers will be joined by two writers, who have worked on the DOTE collective writing project Second-Hand Body, which shares this approach or (de) constructing a narrative. They will in turn read and perform parts of their writing.
DOTE finds the perfect partner in Mezrab to explore and experience the need for alternative internships, engaged communities, various audiences and for emphasizing the politics of storytelling, performance and collective experience.
Each DOTE – Mezrab night is based on themes within the festival and explored through performances, storytelling and music. A program bringing together local performers and festival performers with spectators who would like to jam or use the open mic.

host Soula Notos duration 3 hrs language English

especially powered by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

20/11/2019 20:00
Amsterdam Mezrab
includes Second-Hand Body Free


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