Collective Urban Gnawa

Khalid Benghrib

  • Public Performance
  • Workshop Program

What if we come together in dance, in trance?

Urban, contemporary dance and the traditions of trance and ritual in Gnawa music come together in Collective Urban Gnawa. Choreographer Khalid Benghrib gives workshops throughout Amsterdam leading to a collective public performance in the city center. The performance is a space for collective celebration: celebrating yourself as an individual within the community; connecting your body to other bodies.
The Collective Urban Gnawa project is a gesture in, with and to the city. It is a space or communal exchange without words; moving together, letting go together, carried by the amazing rhythms or some of the very best Gnawa musicians, Hassan Boussou, Driss Aidar and Mohamed El Gasmi.  All bodies, ages, backgrounds, from first-time dancers to professionals are welcome. Community groups, (international) festival artists, the festival organizers, people from all over the city will take part. Click here to take part in the workshops, or come join us watching the performance.

Now is the time to be together, to move together. 

workshops & choreography Khalid  Benghrib performance Khalid Benghrib, Mehdi, Yassine Khyar, you & all of us  music Hassan Boussou, Driss Aidar, Mohamed El Gasmi

world premiere duration 30-45 min language no problem

photo © Hum Khalid Benghrib 

18/11/2019 16:30
Amsterdam Dokzaal
try out | Dokzaal Free
21/11/2019 17:00 Beursplein Amsterdam Free

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